Let knowledge take
you further!

Knowledge has become the new fuel of the economy – and of your competitiveness.

Inceptum can put it to work for you, creating an environment where you and your team acquire and harness exactly the knowledge you need to keep ahead of the competition. We create learning experiences designed for a digital knowledge society – one in which social networks and digital technology allow everyone to share, create and exchange knowledge. Let us help you reap the benefits of new opportunities in on-demand learning and knowledge-sharing.


Learning in the cloud: learn when and where you want

You can access your learning content anytime, anyplace, with any device, thanks to our cloud-based service. Gain real-time insights from state-of-the-art learning analytics and dashboards, and seamlessly integrate learning content and student interaction created on the Inceptum platform with existing learning management systems.

Content creation and production: learn what and how you need

From small bites of knowledge via mobile devices, through complete blended learning courses, flows and virtual workshops, to full MOOCs (massive open online courses) – we can create and deliver the high-quality content and format you need. Quality monitoring and student interaction are designed right in, for an outstanding learning experience. We can also deliver turnkey learning solutions, and support you with introducing and rolling-out your educational programs.

Products that improve your learning experience

The digital world is not only changing the need for knowledge, it is also changing how that knowledge is presented, exchanged and shared. We make full use of new educational formats, social networking insights and open source technology to continuously enhance and update our products, so you always have the optimum educational experience possible. Innovative pedagogical tools, based on leading research, create outstanding learning experiences in powerful learning networks for you.



Learning with peers

Our unique peer assignment and review tool, PART, taps the potential of learning in networks without increasing the work of the instructor(s). The entire peer learning process is automated directly in our platform, and the scientific peer learning methodology is embedded in our software.


A real-time view of your learners

Gain insight into the knowledge journey of your learners, with direct feedback on the educational process. With the SCOPE learning analytics and dashboards solution, you can take the actions you need to improve the learning environment, and respond to your learners’ needs in real time.

Our team

Our experienced, multidisciplinary team of instructional designers, education technologists and communication specialists brings not only expertise to the table, but passion – for the latest research and innovations in all the domains we cover.

We test these evolutions ourselves, and if they meet our exacting standards we adopt them, to continuously improve your learning experience.

Our service to you

Building on our passion and expertise, and the specialisation of our partners, we support you with blended learning, flipped classrooms and peer learning networks – to name only a few of the possibilities.

All of our programs, services and products are built upon innovative but proven educational methodologies, and implemented with best-of-breed technology. We keep our platform lean and agile using open source technology, such as high-quality, dependable, cloud-hosted Drupal and Learning Locker. So you know you can rely on your learning program to be there when you want it.

Our partners

We can also call upon top-level partners to make your learning experience complete and unique. We work with full studio-grade media producers to create our interactive media.

Everything from script writing, to video capture, to professional slide design,
to post-production is entrusted to our proven, specialist partners.

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